WGA Strike: You can stop the writing, but not the drinking

Is anyone benefiting from the WGA strike? Sure! Eater LA says the bars are packed. However, the LA Times says their caffeine-shilling brethren have begun to experience a world of hurt:

"There is so much misinformation about the strike rules that is generating nervousness," said John Gary, a screenwriter who was the only person typing away at the Coffee Table in Silver Lake. Not far away at Intelligentsia, a coffee shop on Sunset Boulevard, only two laptops were in sight, neither of them belonging to movie or TV writers.

Colin Mahoney, the manager of Intelligentsia, confirmed that he was "seeing fewer people in here working."

True, there is the work-coffee connection. However, there’s another one: in a time of crisis, booze trumps lattes.

Writers’ Strike Fallout: Cafes Empty, Bars Packed [Eater LA]
Strike empties L.A. writers’ havens [


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One response to “WGA Strike: You can stop the writing, but not the drinking

  1. Minneapolis WGA Supporter

    The American Viewing Audience Responds – although you come out on the wrong side, you do make an important point. TV viewing is indeed over as we know it. The future is in the Internet and the Corporations know it…EVERYONE knows it. More people get their TV shows off the internet than watch via traditional Network broadcasts.
    That’s why the writers are trying to get paid for the content that is shown via that medium…just as like they do for traditional TV.
    Today they get NADA, ZIP, ZERO for this and they want more than that…Somehow, I don’t think asking for more than $0 for their work is out of line. They are asking for a small percentage 2.5% (just like they get for TV) per view.
    So say they network gets $10, the writers get…$.25. Wow, those writers are greedy, aren’t they? I can CERTAINLY see why the Corporate Conglomerates are upset. The nerve of people wanting a share of the money made on their work.

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