Donald Trump orders pasta and iced tea, tips $10K

Grab1_2 I don’t care if he did it out of oneupmanship. A $10,000 tip on an $87 check at Santa Monica’s The Buffalo Club is impressive.

From (via Defamer):

Donald ordered an ice tea and his friend showed up 10 minutes later. When I was telling them about the specials, I felt like an airline steward must feel giving instructions before takeoff. They just talked over me.

I finally brought them out the check. Trump grabbed it and actually spoke to me from the first time.

“What’s the biggest tip you ever got?”

“Jerry Bruckheimer comes in a lot. He tipped me $500 on a $1000 check once.”

Trump nodded his head.

“You’re very good at your job.”


Trump and the other guy got up to leave, said thanks again and left.

I went back to the table to grab the check but didn’t have time to look at it until later. When I did, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Honestly, at first I thought he had tipped me $1000. But when I looked a second (and twentieth) time, it was actually $10,000. I was speechless.

Us, too. He may be a self-aggrandizing boor with questionable hair, but never let it be said that he isn’t a generous self-aggrandizing boor with questionable hair.

Derober exclusive: Donald Trump leaves waiter a $10,000 tip! [Derober]



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2 responses to “Donald Trump orders pasta and iced tea, tips $10K

  1. Two dozen other blogs are reporting that this was simply a scam, something the restaurant did to get publicity – thanks for not fact checking, Variety … as usual!
    Note that Trump wasn’t even in California that day.

  2. Hi, moe — Don’t know if you saw this, but I also posted the hoax alert the next day:

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