The Kindest Cuts/Best of 2007: The Thrillist pitches in


Apologies for radio silence, all. I am managing two blogs for the forseeable future and occasionally will get bogged down. Blame the writers the studios the deity of your choice for not knocking heads together and chanting, "Abracadabra! Strike over!" (If anyone has pull with said deities, please send them my email.)

It’s Wednesday already, which means a Food Sectional is on the way. In the meantime, here’s another year-end best of — this one from Jeff Miller, my bloggy colleague and LA editor at Thrillist.

Best meal: Hands down, the multi-course dinner I was served at Amarone Kitchen and Wine, the new Italian restaurant in a very, very tiny space on Sunset. Their grilled calamari’s the perfect consistency — not rubbery at all — and the pastas and meats are rich without being overbearing. I can’t wait to go back. (Ed. note: The Knife liked it, too.)

Best sushi: Though I’m a longtime Sasbune fan, I’ve become an Ike convert: sit at the sushi bar and order seared salmon, but be prepared to eat it immediately (you’re not allowed to put it on your plate first); the fish melts the second it hits your mouth. Also phenomenal: toro, which is not overpriced, either.

Best under-$10 meal: Pita Kitchen, on Van Nuys and Ventura in Sherman Oaks, has a $9 plate with Chicken Kafta just powerful enough to live with its memory all day. You can choose three sides; I’m a fan of the eggplant salad, which oil-y offsets the chicken when you make your own pita sandwich.


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