Bon Appetit returns to Sundance with Paris Hilton in tow

Hottie_and_the_nottie I wrote about it in this weekend’s Variety, but for those who didn’t see it, Bon Appetit, Giada De Laurentiis et. al. plan to hold sway over the Sundance Film Festival once more.

As last year, they pair chefs with Sundance movies for private dinners, with plenty of thick-necked bouncers to ensure that private means NOT YOU.

I’ll post the full lineup later, but it’s, uh, eclectic. There’s the SIR Ben Kingsley-Mary-Kate Olsen competition film (can’t remember the title, but I’m recommending they change it to "No, That Is Not A Typo") and an American Spectrum selection, "Bottle Shock," the movie about the birth of the Napa wine scene that stars Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman.

Bon Appetit has also chosen to honor "The Hottie and the Nottie," starring Paris Hilton, who has as much to do with Sundance and Park City as, say, avalanches.

Here’s the full list, although I expect they’ll add more before they’re done.


o       Friday, January 18th, *5:00 pm: "Bottle Shock," a film about the birth of the Napa wine industry featuring Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Bill Pullman, Rachael Taylor, Freddy Rodriguez, Eliza Dushku and Dennis Farina. Dinner prepared by Master Sushi Chef Osamu "Fuji" Fujita.

o       Saturday, January 19th, *12:00 pm: “The Wackness,” featuring Mary-Kate Olsen and Sir Ben Kingsley. Lunch prepared by Bon Appétit’s chef de cuisine, Jonathan Lindenauer.

o       Sunday, January 20th, *8:30 pm: “The Hottie and the Nottie,” Regent Releasing’s world premiere event featuring Paris Hilton, Joel David Moore and Christine Lakin. Dinner prepared by Bon Appétit Executive Chef Cat Cora.

o       Monday, January 21st, *5:30 pm: “Kickin It – ESPN,” featuring Colin Farrell and Sienna Miller. Dinner prepared by Food Network personality Giada De Laurentiis. 

o       Monday, January 21st, *8:30 pm: “Henry Poole is Here,” directed by Mark Pellington, featuring Adriana Barazza (Babel), George Lopez, Cheryl Hines, Luke Wilson and Radha Mitchell.  Dinner prepared by Giada De Laurentiis.



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2 responses to “Bon Appetit returns to Sundance with Paris Hilton in tow

  1. Flor

    Looking forward to seeing this movie!

  2. Paris may get into the “spotlight” alot, but you can’t deny she is hot!

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