Your head, rendered in cheese.

Wow, what a colossally bad idea.


Says a press release alerting me to interview opportunities with the Cheese Lady, Sarah Kaufmann (not to be confused with LA’s own the Cheese Impresario, Barrie Lynn Krich):

"Her work has ranged from an artful violin to a six-foot long aircraft carrier, a 120-pound Mickey Mouse to a 300-pound gorilla…  She has carved likenesses of television personalities (including Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Al Roker and Ann Curry, and Marc Sommers), sports stars (Bret Favre and Mario Andretti), and a menagerie of sports mascots (for instance, an amazing six-foot-long Cheddar Gator for the University of Florida football team, many snarling Bucky Badgers, Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish and the Chicago Bears)."

Apparently, her preferred medium is cheddar.


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  1. A.G.

    And also not to be confused with the Cheese Mistress (, who used to be a dominatrix before she started making her living as a caseophile.

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