SXSW report: Lamberts Barbecue


I questioned the wisdom of Lamberts’ motto: Fancy Barbecue. I was wrong to do so. Lamberts is exactly as billed and, as such, I would like them to open a Los Angeles outlet as soon as possible.

This is what we ate:

Green-chili queso (Fancy defined: Velveeta free.)

Fried green tomatoes topped with greens and crab remoulade.

Pork ribs. Hanger steak with chili butter. Brisket with homemade barbecue sauce. Homemade jalapeno hot link. Green-chili cheese grits.

There were also some smoky ranch beans and collard greens on the table, but by the time I got around to those, I was in no position to appreciate them.

Also noted: A bottle of Pinot Meunier from Mendocino’s Domaine St. Gregory.  Like a Pinot Noir (and it’s related), but with a stronger fruit flavor.

How good was it? We took a friend and said friend is returning this evening, solo. Plan to do likewise; as much as we ate, there’s more to be had and the idea of waiting until SXSW next year is depressing.

Lamberts Barbecue, 401 W 2nd St., Austin. (512) 494-1500.


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