Fresh & Easy is airless & awkward, possibly doomed


After opening 59 stores in which the consumer never has to touch anything that isn’t plastic wrap (even an eggplant, because you never know when they might attack), British-based sorta-supermarket/Trader Joe’s wannabe Fresh & Easy is halting its deathmarch into the U.S. to "smooth out any wrinkles." And by "wrinkles," they mean, "no one’s going to our stores" and "smooth out," they mean, "and we’re baffled as to why." BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES SHOPPING IN A GROCERY STORE THAT SMELLS LIKE THE INSIDE OF A STYROFOAM COOLER. You’re welcome.


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One response to “Fresh & Easy is airless & awkward, possibly doomed

  1. len blake

    Forget it………its like a 7 eleven only a
    little more product.who on earth did the pre marketing for this joke? Laguna hills have almost empty shelves with a couple of DAYS to go before they expire.POOR SELECTION,and , self check out and pack unless you call someone.I am ex UK, SO I can compare.Its just another small supermarket [nothing like Trader Joes] the chap who selected the items seem to think people here shop every day? He must have been in Disneyland most of the time.

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