Drink, drink and be merry

>> This weekend is the Malibu Wine Classic at the Malibu Civic Center, otherwise known as five hours of something close to bliss with wines from Alma Rosa, Fiddlehead, Qupe, L’Aventure and many others, including those from the ‘bu contingency. There’s also food (highlights: All’ Angelo, American Flatbread, Il Grano), but this one is really about the wine. The only risk is that you might enjoy yourself (cough) too much. Not that I’d know anything about that. It’s a benefit for ChildHelp, a 39-y.o. org dedicated to helping victims of child abuse. And the price is a mere $79 — which, as my dad said last night, "is less than I would expect." Be like The Knife and listen to her father. Tickets here.

>> Currently, I am the proud owner of some of the most delicious coffee I’ve ever brewed at home (and yes, that includes LA Mill and Intelligentsia). It’s got the random name of Blazing Raspberry, although it is NOT flavored. It is, however, supposedly rare, definitely strong and from Crossroads Cafe in Panajachel, Guatemala, which is where my friend Bill Higgins bought it. Buying it from the U.S. is a little complicated, but I daresay worth it.


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  1. Dana – if you order any of this coffee – count me in for a pound! What else is interoffice mail for?

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