a brief public service announcement

hi. so posting has been light around here because of a little something otherwise known as my straight job (or, as I like to call it, That Which Nibbles Around the Edges of My Soul. Kidding!). And then I broke up my dogs fighting this weekend (STUPID, in case you wondered) and my right hand now has the general shape and manual dexterity of a club steak. and I thought, that’s it.  Have to put up an OUT OF ORDER sign on The Knife.

After some deep thought, I decided: Screw that.

I have posts that I’ve been waiting to get the time to do properly — tagging, links, photos, lots of words, making them the right thing for The Knife — only now I’ve decided that’s not very bright, either. not because such things aren’t fab, but I can’t do it and do my job. and while The Knife is part of variety.com, and running variety.com is my job, it does not necessarily follow that… well, you know.

anyway. so i am taking advantage of this bandaged paw. i can post, but not perfectly or with the bells/whistles, and not only about the restaurants I visit (although that too) because until Congress legalizes the 28-hour day an embarassing number of my meals will continue to come from Baja Fresh.

SO: Upcoming is Hyatt Regency and Grace. And some other stuff. But for now, here is a cupcake waltz. There’s also a bacon bra.


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