How do I love this ad? Let me count the ways.

Rice_2I love the headline, which posits rice as an exotica tantamount to, say, wild nettles or an arcane sexual practice.

I love the tagline: Va-rice-ity.

I love the small print: "For free booklet ‘Rice ideas men like,’ write Rice Council of America, Box 22802, Houston, Texas, 70027."

I love that I can count the model’s individually glued false eyelashes.

And most of all, I love her pursed-lips/deer-in-headlights pose, as if she knows that she should feel comfortable running her Naked Peach fingernail under the flap of the brand-new box of Uncle Ben’s but she just can’t quite bring herself to do it.

As usual, god bless Boing Boing  (and my husband, who brought it to my attention).


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