Weekend forecast: Wally’s Wine event, chance of groceries


Sunday is the 5th Annual Central Coast Wine & Food Celebration (aka Wally’s Parking Lot Hoedown) and this will be the fifth time I’ve attended. Great cause/food/wine; you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond that, however, I am forcing myself to log some serious time at the farmer’s market/Trader Joe’s/Fresh & Easy this weekend, mainly because THERE IS NOTHING TO EAT IN OUR HOUSE OTHER THAN A JAR OF CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER AND THAT’S HALF GONE.

My grocery habits have always been a little schizophrenic, the inevitable result of treating food as sources of income and pleasure rather than, you know, nutrition. When I cooked for a living, the only reason I would pick up a frying pan at home is to attack burglars. (I did roast a goose for Thanksgiving, the better to give my chef a pint of goosefat as a Christmas gift.)

After I became a restaurant critic, my refrigerator was an ever-changing landscape of doggie bags. I neither shopped nor missed home-cooked meals, mainly because I began to wonder if I ever wanted to eat again. 

Today, I have a job that has nothing to do with restaurants but I still get to think and write about food and eat even more. Nonetheless, I have either forgotten how to buy groceries or I have become agoraphobic.



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2 responses to “Weekend forecast: Wally’s Wine event, chance of groceries

  1. Well, what about Wally’s? Wonderful? Weird?

  2. nice news about this “Weekend forecast: Wally’s Wine event, chance of groceries”
    i been searching for news… thanks

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