A reader asks: Must we starve post-Pantages?

A reader writes:

I have been desperately searching for a place to eat in Hollywood (near Pantages) this Sunday after a matinee. Everything is either closed at 4, burned down or a nightclub. Right now, the Bungalow Club is the only place I could find open. I am sure the crowd will look good, but I doubt my mother and kids are going to appreciate that.

It’s not your imagination. At this point, Hollywood’s much-vaunted renaissance is largely designed for the care and feeding of pretty people who would never worry about where to go at 4 pm Sunday because at that point they’ve just finished brunch.

However, you can eat at the same the place they do: The Waffle. It’s packed with sleepy-dusted hipsters most of the weekend, but they should have largely cleared out by the time you walk in. Menu is upscale diner, which means something for everyone. And it’s easy to find: Draw a straight line from the Pantages to Sunset Blvd.

That said, the Hungry Cat would be my first pick. It’s even closer than the Waffle and it’s one of my favorite restaurants in LA. And the 4pm Sunday timeslot would make it even sweeter, since it would mean the relatively rare experience of easily getting a table. (They don’t take reservations.) However, the menu is almost all seafood; unless you’re a very fortunate parent, that won’t work for you. But in the future, it’s worth finding a sitter.

More eating/drinking questions? Don’t hesitate to ask The Knife.

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The Waffle, 6255 W. Sunset Blvd. (323) 465-6901
The Hungry Cat, 1535 N. Vine. (323) 462-2155



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4 responses to “A reader asks: Must we starve post-Pantages?

  1. Hungry Dog

    I’d go to the Bowery or Delancy. The Hungry Cat is just too full of themselves to be worth it. The burger is inedible (it’s too small a bun and too tall a burger), the service terrible…Bowery is great food.

  2. I thought about suggesting Bowery, but decided against it for the three-generation outing she described. Older people might find the Bowery’s stools uncomfortable; parents might feel uncomfortable taking their kids to what is essentially a bar. Delancey is more comfortable, but may not be the kid-friendliest place.

  3. Greenie

    Los Balcones del Peru,
    1360 N. Vine St., Hollywood;
    (323) 871-9600.
    Open Sun.–Thurs. 11 a.m.–9 p.m.

  4. I’ve also done Lucky Devil’s post-Pantages — not as good as Hungry Cat, but appropriate for three generations and no need to make a reservation or wait a long time.

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