Confirmed: Julia Child was a spook

Associated Press

Julia_2 I’ve always thought this was the case, but now there’s the docs to prove it. Child served in a precursor to the CIA created during World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt:

The CIA had resisted releasing OSS records for decades. But former CIA Director William Casey, himself an OSS veteran, cleared the way for transfer of millions of OSS documents to the National Archives when he took over the agency in 1981. The personnel files are the latest to be made public.

The international spy ring also included Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg; Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg; historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr.; John Hemingway (son of Ernest); President Theodore Roosevelt’s kids, Quentin and Kermit; Miles Copeland, dad of the Police drummer Stewart Copeland; actor Sterling Hayden and author Thomas Braden, who wrote the book that inspired the TV series "Eight is Enough."



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3 responses to “Confirmed: Julia Child was a spook

  1. Big Bomb

    Has Bob stolen The Knife?

  2. Wow, I’m a fan of Child. I had no idea. I wonder if there are any current bigwigs or performers acting as spies. I doubt it.

  3. “Julia Child found work with the Office of Strategic Services (which would later be known as the Central Intelligence Agency). Her first successful recipe was for shark repellent, to prevent underwater explosives meant for Nazi vessels from being jostled and detonated by sharks…”
    Her cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is really recommendable
    keep up the good work
    I will be a regular reader of ur blog

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