Kanye West brings Santa Monica’s Fatburger to Chicago

Chicago Business

Kanye_3 Kanye West’s KW Foods (who knew?) has the rights to open 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area. The first one, in suburban Orland Park, is a big ‘un: more than 2,300 square feet and 74 seats. No firm opening date, but the rep says September. (Image: Bodog Beat)



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5 responses to “Kanye West brings Santa Monica’s Fatburger to Chicago

  1. Burger Boy

    Why do you say Santa Monica’s Fat Burger, I thought the OG was on Western near 45th or 54th?

  2. Yes, but Fatburger HQ is on the westside:
    Fatburger Corporation
    301 Arizona Avenue, Suite 200
    Santa Monica, California 90401

  3. Burger Boy

    I see. I still think out of respect for Ms. Yancee, you should mention Fat Burgers Roots, as it were. Keep eating those burgers and someone tell Fat Burger to bring back their wings, those were some mighty fine wings!

  4. Wow!!!!! Fatburgers??? I heard of it but never ate there. This will be interesting…

  5. Brad S

    My family and I went to the fatburger in orland park,we had dinner befor we were going to pass out flyers for my 2 year old grandson diagnoised with leukemia and in the hope childrens hospital in oaklawn,ill.First I have to say the food was not very good as it was hyped out to be and the service was even worse than the food,I think i could have ordered 1 item and they would have mess it up. I still over looked the bad service and asked the manager if they would hang one of our flyers of my grandson asking for prayers and we were denied by the raciest manager.We then went right next door to Jimmy Johns resturant and they took and placed three flyers all over the establishment and offered to do a charity benefit for the children at the hope childrens hospital.Fatburger was the only establishment in orland park not to post a flyer.Hey Kanye West why dont you take a road trip to your orland park resturant and then walk next door and see how a careing excelent running place actually looks like.Do not forget Kanye West you will have grandchildren someday and you might just get to experience what this feels like.And you say you are from chicago,do not pat yourself on the back,People from Chicago care about our children.Garbage like you make me sick as your food did!!!!

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