Fancy, legal speedballs: What to expect at the LA Chocolate Salon

Hi. I’m writing again. More about that later.

So, did you know that the LA Chocolate Salon is, like, three weeks away? Did you know there was such a thing as an LA Chocolate Salon? Me either! And I would have remained ignorant if it weren’t for the fact that, for the last week or so, I have received another box or package every day bearing some new and heretofore unknown fancy-ass chocolate, along with a note that reads, "Hope to see you at the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon Oct. 5th!"

It’s at the Pasadena City Center. There was one last year, too. And it’s all about the aforementioned confections and, apparently, wine. Which is a little weird to me because wine and chocolate are often two great tastes that would rather not have anything to do with each other; in fact, would just as soon pretend the other doesn’t exist. But then you consider the zippy effects of chocolate and the torpor induced by wine tasting and you realize the salon is actually an afternoon of fancy, legal speedballs, which should make the event very popular indeed.

Anyway. Here’s some of the samples I’ve received so far.

Chocopod_passion_enlargeChocopod Passionfruit Caramels by Chuao Chocolate
Dark chocolate with an eccentric TANG! that mellows out to a buttery caramel.

6pc Downey’s Chocolate
Billed as "A Luxury Experience You Won’t Want To Share." Either the tagline or the chocolate needs some work — they’re nice chocolates, but they don’t induce my hoarding instincts. Also offers vegan options.

FtmcremebruleeThe Chocolate Traveler
It’s a round, lidded tin filled with eight wedges of bittersweet chocolate. I like the idea of keeping this at my desk — tidy, within reach but not too obvious — but there is no way I am putting any container of chocolate in my purse unless it comes with a titanium lock. You just know that tin would burst open and promptly begin melting at the slightest provocation.

Firecrackerbar_web2_2 Firecracker by Chuao Chocolate 
"Dark chocolate bar chipotle, salt and popping candy." Chocolate, Pop Rocks and an afterburn. You’ve been warned.


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One response to “Fancy, legal speedballs: What to expect at the LA Chocolate Salon

  1. Oh, wow they made a bar out of the firecracker! That was one of the most memorable truffles I’ve tried.
    And I was at last year’s event; good times and yeah, I’d keep my chocolate and wine tastings separate. A mid-salon break out into the Pasadena from some actual food is a very good idea too…

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