I might buy this even if the wine is awful

It’s the Vicktory Dogs wine collection.


Vicktory as in Michael Vick, disgraced football player. There’s a series of 22 images "celebrating 22 of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s property." And to be honest, I have my doubts about the wine; it’s produced by Carivintas Winery, which describes itself as "your place to purchase premium wine and celebrate the unique bond we have with dogs….  No two of our wines will ever be the same."

More specifically:

we partner with some of the best established and up-and-coming winemakers in California. Through our Guest Winemaker Program we work with established award-winning winemakers on a rotating basis. Each winemaker is tasked with creating one or more wines for our collections. To date we have consulted with the likes of Stephan Bedford (Bedford Thompson Winery), Ethan Lindquist (Ethan Wines), David Dascomb (East Valley Vineyards), and Daniel Cederquist (Balletto Vineyards, Deloach Vineyards [9 times Winery of the Year], et al).

Well, OK… but what’s in this bottle?

2006 Tempranillo, Santa Barbara County

Aromas of berryish fruit, herbaceousness, and an earthy-leathery minerality. This wine has a bold taste and strong mouth feel that lend well to very flavorful foods such as blackened steak, or cajun-spiced pasta or jambalaya. Try it with some grilled asparagus over a bed of steamed arugula, note how the herbaceous character of the wine blends perfectly with the dish. Enjoy now through 2010.

Which is, basically, the Wikipedia description for any Temperanillo. So if you buy this at $40 a pop, you’re buying it for the bottle and the knowledge that part of the money goes to animal shelters. Intellectually, it’s probably smarter to spend $20 on a wine you know and donate the other $20 yourself. Intellectually.

However, dogs aren’t terribly intellectual. And that’s a pretty nifty dog painting.


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  1. Big Bomb

    hey, weren’t you on NPR the other day?

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